Robert Nuese

Why Have Healdsburg Solar Electric Install Your PV System?

The person you deal with is the one who will do the installation.  With most other PV companies, the person you talk to on the phone, the one who negotiates the sale, the one who comes to review the site, the one who makes up the proposal, the one who designs the project, the one who manages the work, and the on-site hands-on foreman may all be different, and these are likely different from the contractor and the owner. In our case, they’re all the same person, Robert Nuese. This way, all these functions are fully coordinated. What you are offered is what you will get. Any questions you have, or changes you’d like to request can be immediately dealt with. There is no one to pass the buck to.

Highest quality with good value.  Your system will be designed and built directly by an expert installer with full credentials and extensive experience (See the info on the About and Testimonials pages). In spite of this, our prices are quite competitive.

Custom installations.  Many installers offer a small number of pre-packaged systems designed to make their processes simpler, but not necessarily to match the best interests of the customer. I perform a methodical review of your site and your situation. I explain thoroughly what your choices are. I provide a comprehensive performance and financial analysis of the ramifications of two or more different system options to establish a sense of the range of possibilities, and then help you narrow the choice down to an optimum size and configuration, based on your electricity use and budget requirements.

Broad Technical Expertise.  Many installers, large and small, only deal with fixed, roof top systems. Most installers only do non-battery, grid tied systems. While I do plenty of those (and love to do them, on essentially every type of roof) I’m also very experienced with ground mount systems, including solar arrays that track the sun. I design and install systems with batteries, both grid-tied with battery backup and completely off grid. I also do systems that incorporate generators.

Completely local in Sonoma County.  The owner has resided in Sonoma County for 37 years. All workers live here. Materials are locally sourced when possible. We offer a variety of solar modules, but start with and favor American made. More money stays local and helps our economy.

As a result of these differences, we ONLY have satisfied customers.

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